About us

COSMIC CIRCLE PUPPETS is a troupe of professional performers who, through the magic of puppets, transport the audience to faraway lands. We are dedicated to providing a thoroughly entertaining educational experience in which the audience plays an integral part.

Since 1976, through humor and exuberant vitality, CCP has delighted audiences in 8 states with multi-cultural folktales, legends, and other stories, leaving children of all ages with a memorable experience.

Providing a wide variety of programs and services, bring this adventure into the world of imagination to enrich your community.

Coyote & Roadrunner - From Traditional Native American Folklore

Ed Glassman has been the director of CCP since the beginning. With the help of his wife and daughters, he performs using hand, rod, Bunraku, and shadow puppets for children of all ages as well as senior citizens and facilitates workshops in puppet and mask making. He traveled throughout Colorado and Wyoming with CCP making presentations in public schools, libraries, fairs and festivals such as the Laramie County Fair, Carbondale Mountain Fair, Capital Hill Peoples Fair, and Taste of Colorado and other venues such as the Jewish Community Center, Denver Art Museum, the Children's Museum, country clubs, synagogues, nursing care facilities, including exhibiting at the History Colorado Museum.